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Water for the People of Cameroon

God moved on the heart of our Pastor to help supply clean drinking water for the people of Cameroon. Because of contaminated drinking water, many citizens have been stricken with disease and some children have lost their lives. During a morning service, Lighthouse members and visitors pledged almost $15,000 towards the purchase of three (3) wells in three (3) different villages. At a cost of $6,000 per well, we are well on our way to the first phase of this effort. If you fell lead of the Lord to contribute to this worthwhile cause, please click the "Donate" button" and mention "Missions" in the comment area and 100% of your donation will go to our effort in Africa.


On October 23rd we were able to send the first installment of $12,000 to Cameroon for the first two wells!!! Thanks to your generous donations thousands of people will be using clean water for the first time, in some cases, in their lives. By sending clean water to these families, you are helping us to send LIFE.

Now for more good news. We planned to send $6,000.00 for a well in Kenya. However, we have found that wells for Kenya are only $2,700.00. Therefore we are going to be able to pay for two wells. As we presently have pledges for over $18,000.00, we are now going to able to plant Four (4) wells in Africa instead of the original three (3). Praise our God forever. Please pray and follow God's leading because you can help in the next phase of this endeavor.

This is only the beginning. During our October Gathering of the Saints meeting, we also raised money to send seven (7) children to school for an entire year for only $700.00. Please help us in our continuing efforts to be a blessing to the people of Africa.

Please keep checking back because we will be posting pictures and videos of the wells being dug, drilled and used. Thanks again. May you be blessed for life

Below are some of the first pictures coming from Yaounde Cameroon of the Well Pastor Samuel Lontsi is overseeing.

Anyone that wants to see documentation of our missions program, we would be happy provide it to you by written request.

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