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Our Pastor

Dr. May E. DuPree

Dr. May E. DuPree, born to Sylvester and Annie DuPree on April 22, 1951, the oldest of 13 children. May’s position as the eldest child uniquely positioned her to be the second mother to her siblings. Unknown to anyone at that time, this began her preparation as a Mother in Zion. Mother DuPree’s mother recalls hearing trumpets during her birth as if the Lord was heralding the birth of someone very special. This became evident at a very early age when she dedicated her life to the God and to the job of serving His people. She faithfully worked at the Zion C.O. G.I.C. in Toledo, Ohio. She was involved in the music ministry, the Young People’s Willing Workers and became one of the youngest Junior Missionaries at the church. The Lord gave evidence of her calling early in her ministry when the Power of God would routinely flood the church and leave the saints enraptured, healed, delivered from evil spirits and in many cases slain under the power of God when she ministered.

In 1990, Mother DuPree graduated from New Life Bible College in Cleveland, Tennessee under the ministry of Dr. Norvel Hayes, a highly anointed and gifted man of God. Mother DuPree went on to meet Mother Estella Boyd where she was introduced to higher level of power with God. Mother DuPree has ministered across this country and in several countries including Africa, and is not only a pastor but a Mother in Zion. Despite her natural age, through fasting and prayer, by the Spirit, she has attained wisdom and understanding beyond her years.

Elder Benjamin Tucker - Organist/Keyboard

Prophetess Limie L. Stanton - Psalmist / Minister

Elder Christopher DuPree

Elder Johnado Dadzie

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