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Lighthouse Fellowship Prayer Tower is a deliverance ministry focused on meeting the needs of people on every level. Our primary goal is the salvation of souls. We want to give God's people the tools they need to grow in the knowledge of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lighthouse International Prayer Tower was founded on April 14, 2023, during the Gathering of the Saints Meeting. It was born out of the Pastor's vision to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a larger audience. Located at 5859 Elmer Drive in the city of Toledo, Ohio, the church has a presence in a densely populated area where it can affect the lives of hundreds of people.

While salvation and a personal experience with Jesus are essential for eternal life, we also desire to meet the natural needs of the community. We believe that we are to show the love of Christ to a world in crisis.

The vision of our Pastor is to provide food, clothing, job training, day-care services, and a host of other services to help with the day-to-day needs of the people Christ died for.

The Power of God rests on Dr. May DuPree's life so strongly that at times saints are overcome and slain in the Spirit during the services. Being slain in the Spirit is one thing, but the change in the lives of those moved by the Spirit is the real proof of God's transforming Power working in her life.

Lighthouse is a place where the Power of God has free reign in the services to move on his people. Deliverance from demonic influences, habits, and even lifelong addictions have been taking place by the power of God. People are being healed from diseases, back problems, blindness, and in one case a woman that died in the service was raised by the prayers of the anointed servant of God.

We encourage you and welcome you to attend these services and receive what God is releasing by his grace for your life. We want you to have the gift of salvation most importantly, but God's healing and life-changing power is free to whoever asks. Hope to see you in the services!!

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